16G, 32G, or 64G card for your dashboard camera ?

Most driver driving a car in less than 90 minutes per day, while the 32 G SD card can record 320 minutes full 1080p HD video, recorded video can be saved for more than three days, for most people,it is enough.If you want to record video around your car the whole day, you must adopt a 64 G sd card.So we recommend 32 G SD card for Luview dashboard car camera user.

Besides,SD card reliability and service life is very important,at least class 10 is required, otherwise it can not keep up with high definition video read and write speed. We recommend Sandisk high durable series 32 GB SD card,it can record more than 5000 hours under temperature of -25ºC to 85ºC,which means it can work almost in all areas and conditions.Although it is a bit more expensive than those bad quality ones,but it is more reliable.